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Sharing Your Screen with the End user (Reverse Screen Share)

Agents can share their screen with the end user during a Remote View or Remote Control session, so they can provide visual guidance to the end user without taking control of the end user's device.

Reverse screen sharing is available when supporting Windows or Mac computers.
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  1. During an active Remote View or Remote Controls session, click the Share Your Screen icon on the toolbar.

    Result: The Share your screen window is displayed allowing you to share your entire screen, a specific window or a Chrome tab.

  2. Select what you want to share, and click Share.

    Result: The end user can now see your screen.

    Note: During reverse screen sharing, you cannot see the end user's screen and cannot control their computer.

  3. To stop sharing your screen, click the Stop screen sharing icon on the toolbar.

    Result: The end user can no longer see your screen. Depending on which type of session you started with the end user, you regain Remote View or Remote Control access to their computer.

Article last updated: 25 August, 2022