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Rebooting an End user's Device

Agents can restart the end user's computer to aid with software installation, upgrades, or technical issues. Agents can use the reboot feature to initiate a restart of the end user's computer and have it automatically reconnect to the same support session.

During an active session, click the Reboot button to restart the end user's device.

Important: You need to control the end user's computer to reboot it. GoTo highly recommends to perform reboot in Admin mode to ensure an undisrupted reconnection experience.

When the end user's device is rebooted, applications on the end user's device are closed down in an orderly manner and the device is restarted. The end user will have to enter any hardware or other passwords, after which the support session is resumed. During this process the session status is shown as Rebooting.

Article last updated: 14 March, 2023