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How to Install and Use the End-user Attended App

    The GoTo Resolve end-user Attended application is available as a single installer file that can be downloaded and used by end-users who frequently join attended support sessions from their Windows or Mac computers.

    Using the GoTo Resolve Customer Attended application can make joining attended support sessions easier than ever before. Administrators, agents, and end-users alike can benefit in the following ways:

    No need to access a website
    End-users are no longer required to visit to join a support session because the application is saved locally or on a shared network. This also eliminates frustration for both the agent and the end-user when pronouncing and spelling out “”
    Administrators can deploy within restricted environments
    System Administrators who support end-users in a restricted environment (for example, unable to download online applications due to restricted permissions, unable to access websites outside of their Intranet, etc.) can download and install the application to a user's computer.
    Faster time to session
    Agents and end-users experience a significant improvement in the speed at which they can connect to a support session, increasing overall productivity.

    Comparison between the GoTo Resolve Customer Attended and Unattended applications

    While both applications enable agents to connect to an end-user's computer, the GoTo Resolve Customer Attended application is used by the end-user to join an attended session, whereas the unattended application needs no interaction from the end-user.

    GoTo Resolve Customer Attended App
    Once downloaded, this app can be installed on the end-user’s computer and will appear in the system tray/status bar, allowing them to quickly join a session. The computer will not be added to the Devices list in the Console, and the agent cannot connect to it without the end-user's approval.
    GoTo Resolve Unattended App
    This app can be installed by the agent during an attended session or by the end-user (or their system administrator) by downloading the unattended installer. Once installed, an agent can connect to the computer without any action needed from the end-user.
    Restriction: On MacOS, the Customer Attended app, and the Unattended app cannot be installed at the same time.

    How to install and use the app

    End-users should follow the below procedure to download and install the app and to start a session.
    Note: For detailed system requirements, see the related article.
    1. Download the app from GoTo Resolve.

      Result: The installer (GoToResolve_end-user_Attended_App) is saved to the chosen folder on your computer.

    2. Run the installer.
      Tip: The Windows MSI installer allows silent installation:
      msiexec /i GoToResolve_end-user_Attended_App.msi /quiet

      Result: The Customer Attended App is installed on your computer, and its icon is displayed in the system tray/status bar.

    3. Start a session using the Customer Attended App.
      1. Click the system tray icon.
      2. Click Join a Session.
      3. Fill in the Support Key field using the key your support agent provided to you.

        Result: The support session starts.

    How to Uninstall the App

    End-users should follow the below procedure to uninstall the app.
    1. Click the system tray icon.
    2. Click Uninstall.
    3. If prompted, confirm that you want to uninstall the app.

      Result: The GoTo Resolve Customer Attended App is uninstalled from your computer.

    Article last updated: 14 April, 2023