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How do I track time spent on tickets?

In the ticket editor, agents can track time that they actively spend on resolving helpdesk tickets.

Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.
  1. Sign in to the Console at
  2. Go to the Helpdesk page and select a ticket.
    The Ticket details page appears.
  3. On the Tools pane on the right, click the Time tracking field and type the amount of time that you have worked on the ticket. Make sure you enter the time in hours:minutes format. For example, if you have spent an hour and 10 minutes on the ticket, type 01:10 into the field.
  4. Save your changes.

How do I update time I have worked on a ticket?

To update the time that you've spent on a ticket, open the ticket and change the content of the Time tracking filed. Notice that the new time that you enter will overwrite the original value. It will not be added to the time that you have originally spent on the issue.

How do I view a report on time tracking?

Admins can view helpdesk reports, including time spent on tickets, on the Reporting page to see the performance of agents.
Note: Time spent on a ticket is not the same as "closing time" in reports, which is the time between creating and closing a ticket.
  1. In the Console, go to the Reporting page and click Get helpdesk report.
  2. Sort and filter your report as necessary. See Working with Helpdesk Reports.
    You'll see data in the Time spent on resolving ticket column.
    Note: Only closed tickets are included in the report. A ticket is closed when its status changes to Closed, Resolved, or Cancelled.
  3. Depending on what time tracking information you need, group your report data by one of the following:
    • Day/Week/Month - Displays the time agents spent on individual tickets
    • Agent - Displays the average time the agent spent on tickets
    • Category - Displays the average time agents spent on tickets in a specific category
    • End User - Displays the average time agents spent on resolving the specific end user's tickets
    The Total row always displays the total time spent on tickets.
Article last updated: 15 June, 2023