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About Mobile Installers

Agents can add Android mobile devices to the Devices page, so that they can remote control them even when the owner is not physically present at the device. Although most Samsung devices grant access to the end user to run unattended remote control sessions, some limitations may apply to other Android devices.

Restriction: To access and manage mobile devices, you need to purchase the Mobile support add-on for GoTo Resolve. Only devices in Pro status offer the full remote control and management experience.
When an end user runs GoTo on an Android device other than Samsung they might experience the following limitations:
  • The device is displayed in the device list under the respective device group, but remote control is not accessible
  • Only quick view is available
  • Admins can start a remote control session without new download on mobile

Enabling Remote Control for the GoTo ResolveAndroid app

  1. Start the GoTo app on your device.
  2. Tap Allow to allow the agent to control the device.
  3. Tap Allow to let the app always run in the background.
    Note: You can change this setting any time under Settings > Apps & Notification.
  4. The agent may either click Connect now in the Console, or wait for you to tap Let's start.
  5. Tap Allow to grant remote control permissions for the agent on your device.
  6. Follow the instructions on your screen and enable Accessibility Service for GoTo.
  7. Allow full control for GoTo over your device.
Article last updated: 17 April, 2023