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Record a Webinar

    Organizers and co-organizers can record the webinar and make it available for anyone to view at a later time. When a webinar is recorded, the presenter's screen, the audio conference, and any shared applications are included.

    Note: Only organizers can record the webinar.
    Attention: The navigation has been improved, but the settings shown in this video are the same.
    We recommend having two organizers in the webinar in case one encounters any issues that may potentially disrupt the recording. If you are recording locally to your computer, you must be on the GoTo desktop app.

    Desktop app or web

    1. Start or join a webinar.
    2. Make sure you are sharing your screen or an application to include them in the recording (if desired).
    3. Select Record in the lower toolbar.
      Note: If you are using local recording, make sure you have at least 5GB of free space in your local Documents folder.
    4. The Record icon will glow, and attendees will see a notification that the webinar is being recorded.
    5. To pause or stop your recording, select Record again. Alternatively, you can end the session.
      Note: Pausing and resuming will not break up the recording into multiple files.
    6. Once the session is over, you'll be taken to your Video Library if you use online recording (it may take a couple minutes for the latest recording to appear). If you recorded locally recording, go to your computer's Documents folder to locate your recording.
      Important: All local recordings are saved as a WEBM files. We are currently in the process of creating a file transcoder. In the meantime, please use a third-party service to convert your WEBM files as needed.