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What is the GoTo Contact Center free trial?

    Effective April 14, 2022, GoTo is introducing a 30-day free trial of GoTo Contact Complete.

    This free trial is available in all countries where GoTo Connect is currently sold. Please note this opt-in is only available in English.

    What's included in the trial?

    You will have full access to our highest tier, GoTo Contact Center Complete. Check out a list of all the features here.

    How do I sign up?

    You need to be an admin to sign up for the trial. Once logged in to your admin portal, you will see a banner with a sign up button. If you dismissed the banner originally, you can open your account in an incognito window to see the sign up button again. If you have multiple accounts, you'll want to be sure you're in the same account when switching between the admin portal and the GoTo app for a smooth experience.

    How do I upgrade to the paid plan?

    Admins can request an upgrade to the Core or Complete tier at any time by navigating to the contact center tab or the banner. The banner will be visible for 30 days following the trial.

    What happens at the end of the trial?

    If you choose not to upgrade at the end of your trial, it will simply be canceled. Any queues or campaigns set up during the trial will remain intact, but you will lose access to the contact center features in the GoTo app such as role assignments and configuration settings, the supervisor dashboard and wallboards, and the agent dashboard with the associated tools. Call queues will still be viable for use by account users who can log in and out of queues with the star codes, but campaigns and chat queues will not continue to function properly. If webchats were added to your website, those would be removed.

    How do I cancel the trial?

    You cannot unenroll once you have started the trial. However, you do not have to continue setting up contact center or using any of the features. The functionality will be removed at the end of the 30-day period.

    Where can I get help during the trial?

    For help with setting up or using the product, use our GoTo Contact Center support site. You can take advantage of the search field, or navigate to the right place using the cards and categories on the home page. For help with upgrading, contact your account manager or our sales team.