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What is GoTo Resolve?

GoTo Resolve is an all-in-one IT management suite purpose-built for today's IT support challenges. It brings together world-class remote access and support with conversational ticketing to help you receive requests, triage problems, and fix issues quicker. Every IT team, helpdesk agent, and support request is different, which is why GoTo Resolve is built to meet the needs of each organization and problem, with support for all systems.

What does this really mean?

To demystify our marketing department's cryptic message, here's what you can do with GoTo Resolve:

Support your remote devices
Take control of remote devices to troubleshoot your end users' issues. Whether the end user is present at the device or not, you can provide IT support for PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices. During instant support sessions, you can also invite other agents to help resolve the end user's issue.
Run automated scripts on remote devices
Remote Execution allows you to run PowerShell, JavaScript, Python, and Shell scripts - even AI-assisted ones - on remote devices. You can combine multiple automated scripts (steps) into a single job and run those on your selected online devices. This is especially useful when you want to run the same automated job on a large number of devices. Currently, you can run automated scripts on PCs and Macs.
Manage helpdesk tickets
GoTo Resolve offers a helpdesk ticketing solution, where end users can create support tickets for agents to resolve. An end user can create and track tickets in Microsoft Teams, the Customer Portal, or email, whereas agents and admins can also manage tickets in the GoTo Resolve Console.
Run reports
Run reports on support sessions and helpdesk tickets to view your agents' productivity.
Set up enhanced security
Zero trust, GoTo Resolve's proprietary security solution, makes sure that your devices and automated scripts are not compromised. Setting up zero trust is the prerequisite for deploying the GoTo Resolve app for unattended support sessions and to run automated scripts.

In addition, GoTo Resolve offers the following features:

  • "Clientless" remote support - Start an instant support session with an end user present at the remote device. The session is PIN-based, so the end user does not need to deploy the host app (client) on the device.
  • Unattended remote access - Start a support session when the end user is not present at the remote device. This requires deploying a host app first.
  • Multi-session handling - Agents can switch between support sessions without quitting a session.
  • Mobile remote support - Agents and end users can both use iOS and Android devices for support sessions.
  • Camera share - Agents can ask end users to share their camera view for remote support. Camera share requires a special license.
  • Unified GoTo Admin - One admin portal to manage almost all your GoTo products.
  • Multi-company support - Agents and admins who are members of multiple organizations can switch between those companies in the Console without quitting the application and signing back again.
  • Organize your devices into groups
  • Enforcing a Service Level Agreement to agents who resolve helpdesk tickets
  • Screen blanking in unattended sessions
  • Asset management (in progress)

What subscription do I need to use GoTo Resolve?

You can sign up for a trial account that gives you a taste of what GoTo Resolve is all about. When your trial ends, your subscription is automatically converted to a free plan - unless, of course you decide to become a paid end user. At GoTo, free means free. In other words, you pay nothing. That's right, nothing.

To check out available subscriptions or plans, go to the pricing page.

What won't you find at this support site?

This support site provides information about GoTo only. Yes, it's Resolve by name, but no, you won't find resolutions for issues related to other GoTo products here. When you have a problem with another GoTo product, like Rescue, Central, GoToMeeting, GoToConnect, or Hamachi, please visit the GoTo Support Center.

Article last updated: 25 May, 2023