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How can I log in to GoToResolve MDM?

GoTo Resolve MDM end users can log in through the Common Identity Platform (CIP) as of 27 June 2023.

  1. Go to the login page at
  2. Enter your account email address, then select Next.
  3. Enter your account password, then select Sign In.

    Result: You will be directed to the GoTo Resolve MDM product page.

How has the login experience changed?

Prior to 27 June, 2023, GoTo Resolve MDM end users could log in through the dedicated GoTo Resolve MDM login page by entering their email and password (a.k.a Miradore credentials). This login experience is not available any more.
Important: The new login experience may impact the site URL address of end users who were with GoTo Resolve MDM before 27 June, 2023. Therefore, we strongly advise to replace bookmarked legacy URLs with the newly assigned URLs.
Article last updated: 23 June, 2023