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What permissions does the Android app require?

    When you install the GoTo Training app for Android on your device, the app will request permission to access different features on your Android device to run properly. While some of the permissions may sound scary, keep in mind that almost all apps require certain permissions to run features. Below is a table of the features that the app is requesting permission to, with an explanation of why the app is requesting permission for this specific feature.

    Feature How GoToTrainnig uses this Information
    Calendar Imports calendar information The app will check your device's Calendar app for upcoming sessions and show them within the app, allowing you to more easily view and join sessions.
    Location Uses the device's location to check for signal strength. The app automatically detects the strength of your network connection (whether it be WiFi or cellular data) so that it can help you get the best audio connection. Knowing your location helps the app get better information about how strong your signal is and suggest the best audio mode.
    Phone Directly calls cell phone numbers; reads phone status and identity The app will use your device's Phone app to dial in to the audio conferences using PSTN (should you choose to do so) by tapping the switch to phone button in the app's audio tab. The app also reads the state of phone calls to mute or disconnect from the session audio so that the meeting audio does not interrupt your phone call.
    Photos/Media/Files Accesses your media files

    The app will put any handouts that you download into your files, as well as scan them to see if you have already downloaded the file.

    Microphone Connects to the audio conferences The app will use your microphone to share your voice with others in the meeting, as well as include in the session recording.
    WiFi Connection Information Checks your wireless internet connection The app will check the status of your wireless internet connection during sessions so that it can notify you if your connection is slow and prompt you to switch from VoIP to PSTN audio connection if needed.

    Device ID and call information Identify the status of a session

    The app will use the information to identify your device when it calls in to the session and detect whether a session is active or not.