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What does "Waiting for Organizer" mean?

    If you see a screen with a "Waiting for organizer" message, you have successfully connected to the training! You are waiting for the organizer (host of the session) to arrive and start the training.

    We call the screen you're seeing the "hallway" because you have arrived to the training but are still waiting for the organizer to "open the door" so you can come in.

    • If you are an attendee who was invited to the session, then you don't need to take any further action – just stay connected and you will see the session start once the organizer launches it. While you are waiting, you can select your audio devices and test out your audio to make sure everything is configured the way you want it. Please keep in mind that your organizer might be in a different timezone that you are – be sure to check the date, time and timezone in your invitation to make sure you aren't joining too early or too late. Please contact the organizer who invited you if you are unsure about the date or time.
    • If you are the organizer who is hosting the session yourself and you see this screen, then you need to log in so that the session launches and all your attendees are connected. Select start the meeting to sign in.