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Join Trainings via Android

    The GoTo Training app for Android allows you to join trainings directly from your Android device while on the go!

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    Join Sessions from the App

    Note: We have a new GoTo mobile app! This article covers the classic GoTo Training mobile experience. View How do I join a training in GoTo? for the new GoTo.
    1. First, make sure you have installed the GoTo Training app.
    2. Join a session in either of the following ways:
      • Tap the Join URL of the session (in your Email app, Message app, etc) to automatically launch the app.
      • Open the app, enter the session ID and . tap the Arrow icon .
      • Open the app and tap one of the upcoming meetings that are listed from your Calendar app.
    3. You will be redirected to the Internet app and prompted to register for the session. Enter your information, then tap Join.
    4. You will then be redirected back to the app and launched into session!
    5. Once you join, you will be prompted to select your location to help the app configure the best audio situation for your setup.
      • I'm in person – If you select this option, you will be connected to the session without connecting to the audio.
      • I'm remote – If you select this option, you will be connected to the audio automatically.
    6. You can change your audio settings at any time during the session.

    Connect to Session Audio

    You can change your audio connection at any time during a session. If you are attending the session in person and using your Android device for activities, it is recommended that you disconnect from audio completely to avoid noise feedback.
    1. Tap the Options icon in the upper toolbar and tap Audio options.
    2. On the Audio screen, you can select whichever option you prefer:
      • Connect to Internet audio – Use your device's mic and speakers (VoIP) to connect to the audio conference.
      • Connect to the phone call – Dial in to the audio conference using a phone (PSTN). Tap the phone number to automatically start dialing, or select the Pen icon to edit the number before dialing if needed.
      • Disconnect from audio – Disconnect from the audio conference completely.

    Raise Your Hand

    Raising your hand will indicate to the organizer that you have a question. You can simply tap the Hand icon to raise or lower your "virtual" hand.
    • When your hand is raised, the icon will be colored in .
    • When your hand is not raised, the icon will be gray .

    Chat with Fellow Attendees

    You can exchange chat messages with the organizer and your fellow attendees during the session!
    1. Tap the Chat icon to open the Chat pane.
    2. Use the To menu to select who you want to receive your message:
      • Everyone – All attendees will see your message.
      • Organizers – Only organizers will see your message.
    3. Enter your message, then tap the Send icon .
    4. When you have an unread chat message, the icon will display a colored dot.

    Answer Polls and Tests

    If the organizer launches a poll or a test during the session, then you will be automatically prompted to answer it. Tap Submit to send your answer to the organizer.

    Participate in Activities

    You can participate in any activity that the organizer launches during the session, even if they use breakouts to split the audience into small groups.

    If the organizer chooses to have attendees collaborate on a Google Drive file, then you will see a view-only version of the file within the GoTo Training app. If you would like to participate in editing the file, you will need to switch to the corresponding Google app to do so (e.g., Slides app, Sheets app, Docs app).

    Hide, Move, and Show Webcams

    You can hide and reveal webcams at any time during the session. This gives you the option of viewing the Presenter's shared screen with an unobstructed view, or having the webcams accompany the shared screen.
    • To move the webcam pane, tap it and drag it around your screen.
    • To hide webcams, tap the Webcam icon in the toolbar.
    • To show webcams, tap the Webcam icon in the toolbar again.

    Leave the Session

    You can leave the session at any time by tapping the Leave icon in the upper toolbar, then tapping Leave to confirm.