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How do I share recordings with others? (Classic)

    When you publish an online recording so that it can be shared with others, the recording page will display all associated tests and materials. Any registrants who visit the page will be able to download the materials and take the tests.

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Select My Recordings in the left navigation menu.
    3. If you are using online recording, you will need to publish the recording. Under the "Publish" column, use the On/Off setting.
    4. You will see a list of associated materials and tests (if any). Select Publish to confirm.
      Note:  The recording will take some time to process for playback on other devices. You can choose to receive an email notification once it is ready.

    5. Once the processing is complete, select Link icon. Note that if you unpublish any recording, this icon will not be available.
    6. Select Copy Link to copy the URL to your clipboard, then paste it wherever you'd like to share it with attendees.