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GoTo Training App for Android FAQs

    Need some help? Get answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Android app below.

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    Can I use the app to join GoTo Training sessions?

    If you’re running Android 5 or higher, you can install the GoToTrainng app from the Google Play Store to join sessions as an attendee. If you're a GoTo Training organizer, you can log in and manage your trainngs from the app, but you won't be able to start the session and share your screen.

    We recommend using devices with a 1Ghz processor or higher for optimal performance.

    How can I download the GoTo Training app?

    You can download the GoTo Training app from the Google Play Store by logging in to your Google account that's linked with your Android device and searching for the GoTo Training app. If you don’t see an Install button, you may not be running Android 5 or higher (the minimum system requirement needed to install the GoTo Training app).

    What are the minimum system requirements for joining a session from my Android device?

    • Android 5 (Lollipop) or higher
    • 1 Ghz CPU or higher recommended
    • WiFi or 3G connection (WiFi and headset recommended)
    • Free GoTo Training App from Google Play

    Can I schedule trainings from the GoTo Training app?

    No, you can only manage trainings (e.g., view upcoming and past trainings and send links to registrants) from the GoTo Training app.

    Can I record a session from my Android?

    No, you cannot currently record sessions from an Android device.

    Why do I see an “Unable to Join the Training” error telling me that the Training ID is invalid?

    If you manually entered the Training ID, double check to see that you typed it correctly.

    Why do I have to enable cookies to join? How do I enable cookies on my browser?

    If your browser is set to disable cookies, you must first enable cookies before you can join a session. To enable cookies, go to your browser's settings and select Accept Cookies.

    I prefer to dial in to the audio conference by telephone. Where can I find the Audio PIN?

    You do not need an Audio PIN to dial in to the audio conference by telephone. To dial in to the audio conference by telephone, you can set your default audio to Phone by going to the Settings tab and selecting the Phone icon next to Default Audio. If your default audio is set to Phone and you join a meeting from an Android device, you will be automatically dialed in to the meeting.

    You can see if you are connected to the meeting by VoIP or telephone in the Audio tab. If the organizer has provided dial-in phone numbers, you can switch to telephone by tapping Switch to Phone in the Audio Tab. In the Audio tab, you'll see a list of phone numbers associated with the session. If the organizer provides international country numbers, you can choose which country you want to dial into. Once you tap Dial, you will automatically dial in to the conference from your Phone app and will need to navigate back to the GoTo Meeting app to return to the session.

    Why am I disconnected from GoTo Training when I try dialing in from my phone?

    If you’re using a device that doesn’t allow simultaneous data and voice sharing (CDMA), you must connect to the Internet from a WiFi network to dial in using the same device you use to join the session; otherwise, you’ll be disconnected from GoTo Training. If you aren’t connected to the Internet through WiFi, you must use your device’s mic and speakers (VoIP) or dial in with a different device to connect to audio.