What are the top GoToStage channel FAQs?

    Review frequently asked GoToStage and channel questions.

    How do I download videos from my channel to my computer?

    You cannot download a video directly from your channel page. To download a video to your local hard drive, log in at and go to your Video Library.

    Is GoToStage searchable?

    Yes. You can search for videos on GoToStage by using the Search bar.

    How do I run reports for Recorded events on GoToStage?

    You cannot run reports from GoToStage directly. To run reports for Recorded events, log in at and go to your Analytics. All Recorded event analytics will be available in the Recording tab.

    Can I get transcripts of my videos?

    Not yet, but transcriptions is coming soon!

    Can I add passwords to my videos?

    Not yet, but the ability to add passwords is coming soon!

    Can I integrate my channel page with my CRM or other email/marketing automation platforms?

    No, there are no integrations available at this time. We are working on support integrations in the future.