Simulated Live Webinars

Need an easier, scalable and interactive way to run presentations and demos regularly? Want to re-purpose your best content and events to capture additional leads? Simulated Live webinars enable you to record a live webinar and then replay that recording with interaction multiple times! You can set a scheduled time, or choose to leave the webinar open so that attendees register and join right away (i.e., “on demand” webinars).

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.


Schedule a Simulated Live webinar

Simulated Live webinars are pre-recorded, which means that you must first host a classic or broadcast webinar and record it using online recording. Note that you are not required to have any attendees in the recorded webinar.

1. First, host a Classic or Webcast webinar using online recording.

  • This webinar can be a live event that you already have scheduled, or you can run and record a webinar with no attendees for the sole purpose of replaying it as a Simulated Live webinar later.
  • Any polls, handouts or surveys that you use during the webinar will also be launched automatically during the Simulated Live session.

2. Log in to the Scheduling page at, or click Schedule a webinar in the left navigation.

3. Under "Choose a webinar type", select Simulated Live.

4. Use the drop-down menu to select the webinar that you hosted for Step #1. Note that if your webinar just ended, you will need to allow time for the online recording to fully process.

5. Once you select the past webinar, the recording will be automatically attached. You will then see most of the same options that are available when scheduling a Classic or Webcast webinar, including uploading handouts and managing registration settings.

Note that any polls run during the live session will be automatically launched during the Simulated Live playback, so you do not need to manually recreate them for this session. The same goes for any Surveys that were created for the original webinar.

6. The "Occurs" field allows you to select which type of Simulated Live webinar you want to use: 

  • To schedule your webinar to automatically start itself, select the desired date(s) and time.
  • To make your webinar "on demand" so that attendees can watch it at any time, select "on demand" and then set an end date.

6. Click Schedule when finished. Your webinar will become immediately available from the My Webinars page, where you can access it and customize it to your liking.


Start a Simulated Live webinar

You'll notice that on the Manage Webinar page for Simulated Live webinars, there is no Start button like with Classic and Webcast webinars. That's because Simulated Live webinars are designed to launch themselves automatically, either at the scheduled date and time or "on-demand" (depending on the settings you selected).


Watch a Simulated Live webinar

Joining Simulated Live webinars is easy for your attendees – no download, no dialing in... just click, register, and watch! Attendees will launched into the webinar using their web browser (no matter what device they're joining from), where they can watch the session, submit questions, download handouts and participate in polls and surveys.Learn more.


Simulated Live FAQs

How do I manage audio settings?

Simulated Live webinars use computer audio only (i.e., no dial-in telephone numbers are offered). You do not need to change any audio settings for these sessions, as the audio will automatically play back for attendees using their computer's mic and speakers.

Can I manage registration and email settings?

Yes, like with Classic and Webcast webinars you can choose whether you want to manually or automatically approve registrants, as well as send Confirmation, Reminder and Follow-up emails.

Note that the only exception is with "on-demand" Simulated Live webinars, which do not offer Reminder emails or Absentee follow-up emails (since registrants are launched into session right away).

Can I use polls, handouts, and surveys with Simulated Live webinars?

Yes, any polls or surveys that were created for the original webinars will also be launched in the Simulated Live webinar, without your needing to take any additional action.

How will my attendees join?

Attendees will be directed to a no-download, browser-based Viewer – regardless of their operating system. This means that they will join the webinar entirely through their web browser, without needing to download the GoToWebinar software! Learn more.

Note that mobile attendees will join using the browser app on their device (instead of the GoToWebinar app, like with Classic and Webcast sessions).

Can my attendees fast-forward or rewind Simulated Live webinars?

No, the webinar will play through just as recorded in order to provide the "live" experience – attendees will not see any playback controls (play/pause, fast-forward/rewind, etc).

What is the attendee limit for Simulated Live webinars?

Unlike with Classic or Webcast webinars, the number of attendees who can watch your Simulated Live webinar is determined by the Registrant Limit. For example, on an account that allows 100 attendees per webinar, you can choose to allow up to 1,000 registrants for each session. So any live webinars that you host (either Classic or Webcast) will have that 100-attendee max, but any Simulated Live webinars that you host can have up to 1,000 registrants watch it before it becomes unavailable.

You can set a Registration Limit for each individual webinar under Manage Webinar > Registration Settings > Registration tab.

How do I switch my scheduled webinar between Classic, Webcast and Simulated Live?

Since Simulated Live webinars are a played-back webinar recording, it is not possible to "switch" them to a live session. If you want to use a different recording, then you can schedule a new Simulated Live webinar and select the correct webinar you want to replay.

How do I promote attendees to co-organizer, panelist or presenter?

It is not possible or necessary to promote attendees during a Simulated Live webinar, as it is a played-back webinar recording from a previous session.

Can I add a password to my Simulated Live webinars?

No. Simulated Live webinars cannot be password protected.

Can I see Simulated Live webinars in my webinar history or webinar insights?

At this time Simulated Live webinars do not appear in your webinar history or insights, but you can run reports on them in the regular reporting section.


What's the difference between Classic, Webcast and Simulated Live webinars?

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