View Past Webinars (Classic)

You can view your previously held webinars that have ended and copy webinars from the My Webinars page. Past webinars will be displayed on the My Webinars page after the scheduled end time. If you recorded a webinar, you can go to the Past Webinars tab on the Manage Webinars page to edit the follow-up email to include the recorded webinar.

View past webinars

Log in at

2. Select My Webinars in the left navigation.

3. On the Past Webinars tab, you can view all your previously held webinars. If you click a webinar title, you can access the details for that webinar.

Also, you can copy a webinar by clicking Copy next to a webinar so that you can schedule a similar webinar that includes the settings and customizations from one of your past webinars.


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