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Manage Webinars via Android

As a GoTo Webinar organizer, you can use the Android app to view and manage your scheduled webinars while on the go! You can view your scheduled sessions, track your registrants and even invite others.

Note: This article is meant for organizers only. Are you just trying to join a meeting? See Join Meetings via Android.

Log in as an organizer

1. Tap the More icon in the top left and click Sign In.

2. Tap Organizer Sign In and enter your organizer credentials (i.e., email address and password).

3. Select the Sign In button.

3. The Home screen will automatically change to the My Webinars screen, which you can use to access the features described below.


Schedule a webinar

1. On the My Webinars screen, select the Plus icon in the bottom right of the screen (you must be logged in to see this option).

2. Enter your session details.

3. Select the Check icon when finished.




Join webinar as an organizer

Who's paying attention? How many people like the webinar content? These are a couple organizer-specific features you can manage on your Android device. You can join your own webinar on an Android as a secondary app to view these features.

Note: It is not possible to start (i.e., host) a webinar from a mobile device; you must be already broadcasting the webinar from a Windows or Mac computer. Instead, this feature allows you to use your mobile device as a supplementary tool that recognizes you as an organizer and shows you extra tools and features (e.g., "likes" and attentiveness).

Join by tapping on a specific webinar and then the Join icon in the bottom right.

  • To track attentiveness and likes, look at the bottom right of the screen. You'll see the total percentage of attendees paying active attention at any given moment. The blue flow chart displays the percentage over the course of the webinar. Next to Attentiveness, you'll see a Heart icon and the number of "likes" your webinar has in real time.
  • To turn these features off, select the More icon in the top right and then Hide Hearts OR Hide Attentiveness.
  • To enable attendee's ability to share webinar via social media, select the More icon in the top right and then toggle the In session sharing tab to its on position.




View upcoming sessions

You can view a list of upcoming and past webinars that you scheduled and registered for!

  • To view a list of sessions you scheduled, make sure the drop-down menu in the top toolbar is set to Organize.
  • To view a list of sessions you registered for,make sure the drop-down menu in the top toolbar is set to Registered.

All upcoming and past webinars will be listed on the screen! You can tap a session to see the following:

  • The date and time of the session
  • The 9-digit Webinar ID
  • The amount of individuals currently registered to attend
  • The amount of individuals who registered today
  • All organizers and panelists added to the webinar





Invite others before a session

1. On the My Webinars screen, tap the desired webinar (you must be logged in to see this screen).

2. Tap the Share icon in the top toolbar .

3. Select which Android app you would like to use to share the session details (e.g., Email, Message). The available apps will vary depending on which apps you have installed on your device.

4. Depending on the app you selected, a new item will open and be automatically pre-populated with the session details (for example, if you selected Email then a new email message will launch).


View Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered even quicker by visiting the FAQ page in the app! On this page, you can access and read through solutions to the most common webinar issues.
  1. Select the Options icon in the top toolbar.
  2. Select FAQs.