Manage and Share Session Recordings

After you've recorded a session and converted the recording, you can view your stored recordings and share the links with your attendees. You can also distribute a recording and send or upload the recording wherever else you'd like. If you are using online recording, your sessions will be automatically saved to the My Recordings .

Note: By default you have 2GB of storage space for your training recordings. You can upload a recording file no larger than 500MB at a time. For corporate (i.e., "offline") plans, storage space is calculated using all of the materials and recordings that are uploaded to your company's GoToTraining account.

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.


Access an online recording

When you choose to have your recordings automatically saved online, they will immediately appear on your My Recordings page as soon as the session ends. You can click a recording's title to be linked to the training it came from.

Below see an explanation of the various states a recording might be in:

(a) Once a recorded session ends, it will automatically appear on your My Recordings page with the label "Saving... please check back later."

(b) Once a session has been saved, you will see additional options appear. You can preview the recording in your browser, download the .MP4 file, delete the recording, or publish it to share the recording with others.

(c) Once you've turned on "Publish", the recording will be processed for playback. The label "Processing" will appear until the recording is ready to share.

(d) Once a recording has been processed, you will see all available options enabled (edit, share or delete). The "Publish" option will be enabled.

(e) If a recording has been manually uploaded (rather than automatically saved), the options to see the linked recording and download the file will be disabled.


Manually upload local recordings

When you choose to have your recordings saved to your computer, you will need to manually upload them to your My Recordings page in order to share them with others. You can change your recording settings at any time.

1. Make sure the session recording has been converted.

2. Log in at

3. Click My Recordings in the left navigation.

4. Click + Upload a recording and then Select a file.

5. Select the converted recording file from your computer. Recordings are saved to the location specified in the Recording Preferences (default is C:\Users\<username>\Documents).

Note: Recording files must be .WMV or .MP4 format and less than 1 GB.

6. The recording will be processed and optimized to play back. You can choose to have an email sent to you once the recording is ready.

7. Once the recording is available in your My Recordings page, you can do any of the following:


Preview a recording

You can stream a preview of the recording online to quickly watch it yourself without having to download the entire file or process it for sharing.

1. Log in at

2. Click My Recordings in the left navigation.

3. Find the desired recording and click the More icon and then Play .

4. A window will automatically open and play back your recording. Also see Share a recording with others.


Share a recording with others

When you publish an online recording so that it can be shared with others, the recording page will display all associated tests and materials. Any registrants to visit the page will be able to download the materials and take the tests.

1. Log in at

2. Click My Recordings in the left navigation.

3. If you are using online recording, you will need to publish the recording. Under the "Publish" column, toggle the switch to on.

4. You will see a list of associated materials and tests (if any). Click Publish to confirm.

Note: The recording will take some time to process for playback on other devices. You can choose to receive an email notification once it is ready.

4. Once the processing is complete, you can click the Link icon. Note that if you unpublish any recording, the Link icon will not be available.

5. Click Copy Link to copy the URL to your clipboard, then paste it wherever you'd like to share it with attendees.


See who viewed a recording

When an attendee goes to the recording page, they will be prompted to register first. This means that you can view a list of who has registered to view the recording at any time.

1. Log in at

3. Find the desired recording and click the number link in the Views column.

4. You will see a list of each registrant's name and email address. To export it as an Excel file, click Registration Report.


Download a recording

If desired, you can download a .MP4 version of your online recordings. This feature is not available for manually uploaded recordings.

1. Log in at

2. Click My Recordings in the left navigation.

3. Find the desired recording and click the More icon and then Download. Note that this icon will be grayed out if you manually uploaded your recording.

4. The .MP4 file will automatically begin downloading.


Edit a recording

It is possible to change the name of manually uploaded recordings, add or delete tests and materials, and edit registration details.

Editing the recording name and description can be done on the My Recordings page.

1. Log in at

2. Click My Recordings in the left navigation.

3. Click the Edit icon next to the recording's title.

4. Edit the title and description as desired, then click Save.

In the recording details, you can edit materials, tests, registration settings, and emails.

1. On the My Recordings page, select the desired recording you'd like to edit.

2. To add or delete materials or tests, click Edit and then Add (to add a material or test) or the Delete icon (to remove that material or test).

Note: The Eye icon will launch a preview of the test.

3. To edit registration settings or emails, click Edit next to those categories.


Delete a recording

  1. Log in at
  2. Click My Recordings in the left navigation.
  3. Find the recording and click the Remove icon .
  4. Click Yes, delete it to permanently delete the recording.


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