Join a Training Online (Instant Join App)

The GoToTraining Instant Join App is a browser-based version of GoToTraining that can be run entirely online! Unlike when joining sessions with the desktop app, the Instant Join app does not require any downloads because it stays contained within your web browser. This can be especially beneficial for users who are having trouble installing the desktop app or are in locked-down environments that can't download software.

You can join sessions online instead of using the desktop app or a mobile app. This provides you with the following advantages:

  • You can get into session even faster than with the desktop app (great for when you're late joining!).
  • If you have software-installation restrictions (e.g., using a company computer or net kiosk), you can still quickly and easily join sessions.
  • You can easily switch to the full-featured desktop app if you want to use additional features.
Note: The method that you use to join a session and the features that are available to you (such as screen and webcam sharing) will depend on your operating system and web browser (Google Chrome is recommended). See Web App Feature Comparison for more information.

Instant Join Features and Tools

You can use the following features and tools when you join a session from the Instant Join app.

  • Join instantly without going through a download or installation.
  • Connect to the audio conference using your computer's mic and speakers or by dialing via phone.
  • View the presenter's shared screen.
  • Mute and unmute yourself.
  • Send chat messages to other attendees (either privately or to everyone).
  • Raise your hand to get the organizer's attention.

Join a Session via Instant Join

When the Instant Join app has been enabled by the organizer, GoToTraining will automatically detect the optimal join method for each attendee.

  • If you join from Google Chrome or if your operating system is not compatible with the desktop app, then you will automatically join the session using the Instant Join app.
  • If you join from any other web browser, then the desktop app will automatically begin downloading and launch you into session.

See Web App Feature Comparison for more information.

Connect to Session Audio

The audio options that are available for you to connect to the audio conference will vary depending on what options the organizer set for the session (for example, they may have disabled some methods, or even provided their own conference call information).

See Connect to Audio (Web App) to learn more.

Share Your Webcam

When using the Instant Join app, you can broadcast your webcam to other participants during the session so that you can collaborate face-to-face. Up to 6 different webcams can be shared during a session!

See Share your Webcam (Web App) to learn more.

Raise Your Hand

Do you need the organizer's attention? Click the Hand icon in the toolbar to alert the organizer! The Hand icon will glow green while it is raised, and will return to gray once it is lowered by you or by the organizer.

Switch to the Desktop App

You can easily switch to the desktop app during a session to access all of the features that GoToTraining offers. See Switch to the Desktop App for more information.

View Limitations of the Instant Join App

While the Instant Join app allows attendees to use many of the same features and tools as the GoToTraining desktop app, there are some features that are still being worked on. To use any of these features, attendees can simply switch to the desktop app while in session.

  • Organizers cannot host sessions using the Instant Join app.
  • Attendees cannot take control of the presenter's mouse and keyboard.
  • Attendees cannot use drawing tools.

Chat with Other Attendees (Instant Join App)

Communicate with your fellow attendees! You can send instant chat messages to other participants at any time during the session.

When you receive a chat message, you will see a notification if the Chat pane is hidden or closed. Private and public chat messages can be easily distinguishable by color and the "to" recipient (public chats will say "Everyone" and private chats will say "Me").
  1. Click the Chat icon in the toolbar.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the recipients of your message (everyone, organizers only, presenters only or a specific attendee).
  3. Enter your message in the text field, then click Send.