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How do I send follow-up emails to attendees? (Classic)

    After the training, send the online recording and attendee certificate in a follow-up email. If tests or evaluations were added to the training, they will be included in the email.

    Follow-up emails can be sent up to 7 days after the training's scheduled end date.
    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Click My Trainings in the left menu and select the desired training.
    3. On the Manage Training page, scroll to the Emails section.
    4. Next to "Follow-Up Email", click Edit.
    5. Enable Send Follow-Up Email to Attendees.
    6. Select when you'd like to send the email:
      • 1 hour after scheduled end date.
      • 1 to 7 days after scheduled end date.
    7. If you'd like, include the following:
      • Send me a copy of the Follow-up Email.
      • Add the attendee certificate.
      • Include the online recording.
    8. Enter the email subject and body text in the provided field to customize the email.
    9. Click Save.