Customize Your Training

Once you've scheduled your session, you can customize it to suit your needs. The Manage Training page will display all of your available options; simply click Edit next to the section that you wish to change!

GoToTraining provides you with various options for engaging your attendees during a session. You can set them up before a training, or even configure them during the session since changes will take effect immediately.

Access the customization page

The Manage Training page allows you to customize your training to your liking:

  • You will automatically be directed to the Manage Training page each time you create a new training.
  • You can access the Manage Training page at any time by logging in to your account, clicking My Trainings in the left navigation and clicking the name of the desired session.

General actions

(a) Schedule a similar training
You can create a new training based on the set up of an existing one. This will include co-organizers, settings and activities.

(b) Cancel the training
You can easily cancel all sessions in a training by clicking Cancel Training.

(c) Start the training
You can start the training directly from the Manage Trainings page.

Configure a training

(d) Edit the title and description
You can change the name and description of the session at any time.

(e) Change the date/time or add additional sessions
You can change the date and/or time of the training if needed, as well as add additional sessions or cancel existing ones.

(f) Add session(s) to your calendar
Click the add to calendar link to automatically generate an .ICS file that can be used to add the session(s) to your calendar and invite other attendees.

(g) Add co-organizers to the session
Co-organizers are individuals who have access to the same organizer tools and features during a trainingthat you do, and can help you facilitate your sessions or even start it on your behalf. Organizers can either add co-organizers before a session or promote them to organizer during a session.

See Add Co-Organizers (Desktop App) for more information.

(h) Change the audio options
Your training will automatically be provisioned with the default audio settings that are configured for the account. If desired, you can change the settings for a particular session by clicking Edit in the Audio section.

Add class activities to a training

Each time you add a material or create a test, poll or evaluation, it is automatically saved to your Library so that you can choose to re-use it during later sessions.

(i) Provide materials to attendees
Materials are media files and web links that your attendees can download onto their devices. You can use materials to have your attendees review content or complete tasks before, during or after a session.

See Create and Manage Materials for more information.

(j) Assess attendees' knowledge with tests
You can create custom tests to assess your attendees' knowledge before, during or after a session. You can add up to 100 questions per test, and re-use them in as many sessions as you'd like.

See Create and Manage Tests for more information.

(k) Ask in-session questions using polls
Polls allow you to ask attendees a question during a session, then to broadcast the results immediately. Unlike tests, polls are only a single question and are meant to collect real-time feedback and promote attendee interaction.

See Create and Manage Polls for more information.

(l) Request feedback through evaluations
Evaluations allow you to collect feedback after a training. You can view Evaluation results in the Evaluation Report once the training has ended and attendees have completed the Evaluation.

See Create and Manage Evaluations for more information.

Share and track a training

(m) Invite attendees to the session
You can invite your attendees to the session using the information provided on the Manage Trainings page. You can either use the links under "Invite Your Attendees", or click Share Training at the top of the page. See Invite Others to Join (Desktop App) for more information.

(n) Set up registration and payment
Use this section to configure the size of your training and customize the registration flow for attendees. You can also charge for your sessions using payments. See Share Trainings, Manage Registration and Send Emails for more information.

(o) See who has registered
You can track the registration of your session by clicking View. You will be able to see the name and email address of each attendee who has registered to attend, as well as generate a registration report. See Share Trainings, Manage Registration and Send Emails for more information.

(p) Include the training in a catalog
You can use catalogs to publish a list of your upcoming trainings and have people choose and register to attend. Organizers can post training sessions to any catalog, including catalogs created by other organizers on their account. See Catalogs for more information.

(q) Edit the "Reply to" contact information
You can modify the "sender" of your Reminder and Follow-Up emails (i.e., what name and email address appears in the "From" field). For example, an organizer may wish to have emails appear to be sent from a company's support email address rather than their own personal one. See Share Trainings, Manage Registration and Send Emails for more information.

(r) Set up attendee emails
You can have Reminder emails sent to attendees before a session, as well as Follow-Up emails sent after a session. See Share Trainings, Manage Registration and Send Emails for more information.

(s) Send attendees a certificate of completion
Organizers can choose to provide attendees with a certificate of completion for the training. If enabled, a link to the digital certificate will be automatically included in the Follow-Up email. See Certificate of Completion for more information.