Can I broadcast my computer audio to meeting participants?

    While GoToTraining is designed to efficiently broadcast voice audio over telephone or VoIP, there may be times when you wish to broadcast audio during a live event. In this section you will find audio configuration instructions that should allow you to transmit both your voice and audio from your computer. Due to some sound card limitations, these procedures may not work with every system.

    Note: The new GoTo experience offers audio sharing. Learn more.
    You'll need the following hardware:
    • Two (2) 3.5 mm audio splitters (1 male, 2 female)
    • One (1) 3.5 mm audio patch cable (2 male ends, typically 3 " long)
    Note: You may use your microphone and speakers simultaneously.
    1. Plug 1 splitter into your line out port (for speakers, typically colored green).
    2. Plug the other splitter into your microphone port (typically pink).
    3. Plug the patch gable into the splitter on line out and then into the splitter on microphone.
    4. Plug your microphone into the microphone splitter, and then plug your speakers into the line out splitter.