How do I add co-organizers?

Co-organizers are individuals who have access to the same organizer tools and features during a trainingthat you do, and can help you facilitate your sessions or even start it on your behalf. You can either add co-organizers before a session or promote them to organizer during a session. Although co-organizers can access all the same in-session features as the scheduling organizer, they do not have access to post-session features like reporting and follow-up emails.

You can only add organizers who are also members of your same account (i.e., other individuals who also have an organizer seat on account the same account as you).
Note: You can add up to 24 co-organizers before the session. Once you're in the training, you can promote as many attendees as you'd like to the co-organizer role.
  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Either schedule a new training or open an existing one.
  3. On the Manage Training page, click Edit next to Organizers. Then click Add Co-Organizer.
  4. Check the boxes next to the desired individuals and click Add Co-Organizers.
  5. Click Save when finished.