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Working with Slack as an End-user

    End-users and agents can both use the GoTo Resolve app in Slack to create and communicate about helpdesk tickets.

    Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.

    What can you do in Slack?

    In Slack, select the channel where you want to create a helpdesk ticket. End-users have the following experience:

    You can do the following:

    • View tickets - Have a quick look at the helpdesk tickets that you've created in Slack. To see your tickets, go to the Home tab of the GoTo Resolve Slack app. To filter your tickets, see How do I Filter Tickets in Slack?
    • Use GoTo Resolve shortcuts - Click the plus sign under the chat field to open the shortcuts dialog. Type a slash ( / ) character to list the available shortcuts. You have the following options:

    What can you do after you create a ticket?

    End-users have the following experience after creating a ticket:

    • Add comment - Add a comment to the ticket.
    • Close ticket - Closes the ticket. You can still edit the details of the ticket later on.
    • Edit ticket - You can edit the summary and priority of a ticket as well as add more details about the issue.
    Article last updated: 15 September, 2022