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Working with Slack as an Agent

    End users and agents can both use the GoTo Resolve app in Slack to provide and receive ticket-based support.

    Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.

    What can you do in Slack?

    In Slack, select the channel where you want to work. Agents have the following experience:
    Note: To see helpdesk channels, an administrator must invite you first in the GoTo Admin portal.

    You can do the following:

    • View tickets - Have a quick look at the helpdesk tickets that you've created in Slack. To see your tickets, go to the Home tab of the GoTo Resolve Slack app. To filter your tickets, see How do I Filter Tickets in Slack?
    • Use GoTo Resolve shortcuts - Click the plus sign under the chat field to open the shortcuts dialog. Type a slash ( / ) character to list the available shortcuts. You have the following options:
      • Sign in to the Console (/sign-in) - Signs you in to the Console. You must sign in before you can assign a ticket to yourself or start a remote support session.
      • Sign out from GoTo Resolve (/sign-out) - Signs you out from the Console.
      • Create ticket (/create-ticket) - Creates a helpdesk ticket. See How do I Create Tickets in Slack?
      • Link a channel (/link-channel) - Configures the current channel to work with GoTo Resolve. When you have multiple companies added to GoTo Resolve, you can select which channel you want to associate with a specific company.
      • Unlink the current channel (/unlink-channel) - Removes the link between the current channel and the helpdesk service that you've configured. This means that end users will be unable to create tickets in that channel (helpdesk service) and agents will be unable to manage tickets in that Slack channel.
        Important: From end users' perspective, as long as the GoTo Resolve app (that is, the bot) is added to another channel, they will still be able to create tickets - on another helpdesk service.
      • Unlink all configured channels (/unlink-account) - Makes all configured channels unavailable for creating tickets in GoTo Resolve.
        Important: You will not be able to update or edit tickets that were previously created in Slack.
      • View service links (/view-service-links) - See how channels are linked to triage teams and helpdesk services in your company.
      • View help (/help) - Provides links to our help site.

    What can you do after you receive a ticket?

    Agents have the following experience when an end user creates a ticket:
    Note: Click See more under a ticket to view your options.

    • Assign To Me - Agents can assign a ticket to themselves.
    • Add Comment - Agents can add a comment to the ticket. These comments are visible to other agents and the end user as well.
    • Start remote session - Agents can start a support session with the end user. See How do I Start a Support Session from a Ticket in Slack?
    • See less - Hides the agent's options.
    Article last updated: 15 September, 2022