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What are Pro devices?

GoTo Resolve classifies devices either as Pro or Lite devices. Only devices in Pro status offer the full remote control and management experience, while Lite devices offer basic remote access features. Your subscription plan defines the number of Pro devices you can have. However, you can have as many Lite devices as you like.

What's the difference between Pro and Lite devices?

Feature comparison of Pro and Lite devices
Feature Lite Pro
Alerts Yes Yes
Endpoint protection No Yes (including Antivirus)
File manager Yes Yes
Live data with Quick view Yes Yes
Organize devices Yes Yes
Remote control No Yes
Remote execution No Yes
Remote terminal Yes Yes
Windows updates Shown only, but cannot be installed Yes

Your GoTo Resolve plan includes agent licenses and device licenses. Only Pro devices consume device licenses, so practically you can add as many Lite devices to your account as you want.

Important: As long as you do not use up your device licenses, that is the total number of your devices is less than the number of Pro devices defined in your subscription, you can promote or demote devices without limitation.

What to do when you need more Pro devices because you ran out of device licenses?

If you’ve used up all the available device licenses in your account but need advanced remote control or management features on another device, here are the things you can do.

Buy add-on licenses
You can buy as many add-on device licenses as many extra Pro devices you need.
Upgrade your subscription plan
Compare subscription plans on our pricing page to find the plan that best suits your needs.
Free up a device license
You can swap devices between the Lite and Pro pools up to three times a month, regardless of the subscription plan you have. An instance may involve swapping a single device or a set of devices. Learn more about promoting or demoting a device.
Note: Your modification balance is reset on the 1st of each month.

To illustrate this with an example, let's say that you have three device licenses in your plan and manage a pool of five devices altogether. You work remotely most of the time running remote support sessions daily on three devices, so you promoted them to Pro, consuming your device licenses. You have three Pro and two Lite devices then. You are working on a big project when you suddenly realize that you need to restart one of the devices from your Lite pool remotely. In this case, you can demote a device from your Pro pool and promote the one you need from your Lite pool so that you can remote control it.

Note: You can track the balance of your modifications in the top right corner of the Devices page.
Article last updated: 13 September, 2023