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How do I Set up Slack to Work with GoTo Resolve?

    Employees can easily submit, review, and follow-up on tickets, while agents can receive, manage and comment on tickets directly from Slack. Then move from request to resolution with the ability to start a remote support session right from Slack, eliminating headaches and delays in solving issues.

    Before you begin:
    Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.
    Before your agents and end-users can create helpdesk tickets in Slack, an admin must install the GoTo Resolve app to your Slack environment. Here's how:
    1. Get the GoTo Resolve app.
      Alternatively, you can search for GoTo Resolve in Slack App Directory.
    2. Click Allow.
    3. Click Open Slack in the pop-up message.
      You are redirected to the GoTo Resolve app in Slack.
    4. Type /sign-in to sign in to your GoTo Resolve account.
    5. Create and configure a channel for your agents so that when an end-user creates a ticket, all agents in that channel will receive a Slack notification:
      1. In Slack, click Add channels > Create a new channel on the left.
      2. Name your channel, for example as it-support-helpdesk and make it private.
      3. Select Create.
      4. Add agents to the channel.
    6. Type /Add apps to this channel and add the GoTo Resolve app to the channel.
    7. Type /link-channel to assign a helpdesk service to this Slack channel. From now on, when end-users create tickets in the selected helpdesk service, agents of your configured Slack channel will be automatically notified.

    What can you do in Slack?

    Type a slash ( / ) character to list the available shortcuts:

    • Sign in to the Console (/sign-in) - Signs you in to the Console. You must sign in before you can assign a ticket to yourself or start a remote support session.
    • Sign out from GoTo Resolve (/sign-out) - Signs you out from the Console.
    • Create ticket (/create-ticket) - Creates a helpdesk ticket. See How do I Create Tickets in Slack?
    • Link a channel (/link-channel) - Configures the current channel to work with GoTo Resolve. When you have multiple companies added to GoTo Resolve, you can select which channel you want to associate with a specific company.
    • Unlink the current channel (/unlink-channel) - Removes the link between the current channel and the helpdesk service that you've configured. This means that end-users will be unable to create tickets in that channel (helpdesk service) and agents will be unable to manage tickets in that Slack channel.
      Important: From end-users' perspective, as long as the GoTo Resolve app (that is, the bot) is added to another channel, they will still be able to create tickets - on another helpdesk service.
    • Unlink all configured channels (/unlink-account) - Makes all configured channels unavailable for creating tickets in GoTo Resolve.
      Important: You will not be able to update or edit tickets that were previously created in Slack.
    • View service links (/view-service-links) - See how channels are linked to triage teams and helpdesk services in your company.
    • View help (/help) - Provides links to our help site.
    Article last updated: 3 October, 2022