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How do I Link a Helpdesk Channel to a Specific Organization in Slack?

    When you support multiple organizations with GoTo Resolve, you can link a helpdesk channel to a specific organization.

    Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.
    1. In Slack, select a channel that you want to link to an organization in GoTo Resolve.
    2. Select New conversation at the bottom.
    3. Type /link-channel and press Enter.
      A list of your accounts is displayed.
    4. Choose the organization that you want to link your channel to.
    5. Choose the helpdesk service where you want to create tickets.
    Results: You can now create tickets in your selected organization and helpdesk service.
    Article last updated: 21 July, 2022