Learn all about using the Android mobile app.This video will focus on installing and using the OpenVoice mobile app on a Samsung Galaxy. The OpenVoice mobile app makes it easy to join and schedule conference calls on the go. Start or join with one tap. No more hassling with access codes and conference room numbers. You don’t need to have an OpenVoice account to use this app. As an attendee, you can join conferences from an Android free of charge. However, if you have an OpenVoice account, you can also schedule or start your conferences directly from the app as an organizer. To start, you will need to install the OpenVoice mobile app on your Android device. Open the app and start by clicking the “Join” tab. Here, anyone can quickly and easily join a conference by just entering the conference ID. If you do have an OpenVoice account and you are logged in, you can view all of your upcoming OpenVoice conferences. When you join or start a conference, you’ll be directed to the call screen, where a list of countries and the numbers associated with them are displayed. Tap the country you want to dial in from. Click on the “Host” tab to log in to your OpenVoice account. As soon as you log in, you’ll see the option to start an ad hoc conference, and you will again see a list of any scheduled conferences ready for you to host. If you want to start an ad hoc conference, just select “start call".