Quarterly Commit Plan FAQs

Why are you no longer supporting quarterly commit plans?

OpenVoice is working to simplify the customer experience by offering more self-service account management capabilities. As we strive to achieve this goal, we have decided to standardize our subscription models and therefore, are no longer able to support quarterly commit plans for OpenVoice audio services.

What is the migration plan?

Customers who are on quarterly commit plans currently will be migrated to a monthly commit plan. A new monthly plan, specific to you is highlighted in the email notification that was sent to your billing contact on record for your account.

What is required to accept the new monthly commit plan for my account?

Depending on your specific account situation, an email notification indicating whether any action is required or not, from your end to accept the new monthly commit plan will be sent to you.

When will this change go into effect?

All current quarterly commit plan customers will be changed to monthly commit plans in our billing system officially by the 15th of June, 2015.

When will I see the change on my invoice?

Monthly commit line items will begin appearing in your invoice within the first 2 billing cycles.

Does this change affect any of my accounts toll or toll-free dial-in country rates?

The plan change does not affect any per minute country dial-in rates.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please email us at, with your questions and someone from our account services team will contact you as soon as possible.

Why is OpenVoice changing the Terms of Service?

OpenVoice is automating its practices and streamlining its legal terms to make them consistent for all customers, products, services and locations. Some of our customers are on different legacy versions of the Terms of Service, which makes it harder to answer contract-related questions quickly and provide efficient support. With these changes, OpenVoice is standardizing on one Terms of Service across all products and sales channels. Our customers will soon have the same terms regardless of which products they purchased, which entity they purchased from, when they purchased or where they purchased.

What terms in the Terms of Service have changed?

The biggest change is that OpenVoice is standardizing on a uniform set of Terms of Service for consistency across all customers. Since there have been many different forms of customer agreements, it is not possible to identify the specific changes for everyone. That said, we’ve summarized what’s different from last year’s version of the Terms of Service below. As always, we encourage you to read the full Terms of Service before clicking to accept.

  • Added service descriptions for SaaS services
  • Updated language to reflect OpenVoice entity consolidation
  • Updated the price and term change notice provision
  • Added sections for use of beta or labs features in products

Where can I review the Terms of Service?

The current Terms of Service can be found anytime on the Services web page and also on your own Services account page.

Do I have authority to accept the Terms of Service?

By accepting the Terms of Service, you are signifying that you have the authority to agree to the Terms of Service on behalf of yourself and/or your company. If you do not believe that you have such authority, please do not click to accept the Terms of Service. Instead, please direct the Terms of Service information to the appropriate party for review and acceptance.