Admin Guide

Getting Started with GoToRoom

Set up and configure your new GoToRoom system!

1Set up your system

Once you receive the GoToRoom hardware, it's time to put together the equipment. Follow the instructions applied to your specific hardware. See How do I identify my GoToRoom hardware? if you aren't sure which hardware you have.



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If you did not receive your GoToRoom system, please check the order confirmation email for a tracking link or reach out to your account manager.
Please reach out to your account manager or call support.

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2Manage rooms & systems in the Admin Center

The Admin Center offers ways to manage and maintain your GoToRoom systems.

  1. Sign in to the Admin Center at
  2. Click Manage Rooms in the left menu.

(a) Manage rooms and locations -- Organize multiple GoToRoom systems.

(b) View system status and health -- Determine the system status for troubleshooting purposes.

(c) Edit GoToRoom details -- Edit the GoToRoom name, language, location, time zone, and more.

Admin Center Manage Rooms

3Integrate your calendar

Connect GoToRoom to your Google, Microsoft Exchange, or Office 365 calendar so that users on your account can set the conference room as the meeting location while scheduling a meeting. This will also show upcoming meetings scheduled in the conference room directly from the device hardware.

4Set up features and external functionality

There are some features and functionalities that must be set up by an admin before use.

5Troubleshoot common issues

If you need additional help, please reach out to your account manager or visit our support site.