Why don't I have "Call Me"?

    Call Me is one of GoTo's built-in phone audio options and is offered as part of enhanced audio. However, not all accounts are eligible for or choose to use Call Me.
    • If you are an attendee trying to join a meeting and do not see Call Me as an option, then it is not part of the meeting organizer's account. You can use the alternative options listed in the audio info to connect to the meeting's audio conference.
    • If you are an organizer trying to add Call Me as an option for your attendees and do not see it in your default audio settings, then your account administrator has not enabled it on your account. Please contact them to request having Call Me added and enabled.
    • If you are an account admin trying to enable Call Me for your organizers and do not see it in the admin portal, then your account may not be eligible for Call Me (see System Requirements for more information). Please contact your billing admin to request an upgrade to a paid subscription plan with enhanced audio (Toll-Free Numbers & Call Me).

    System Requirements

    Call Me is only available on accounts that meet the following requirements:
    • GoToMeeting paid subscription plan
    • Enhanced audio (Toll-Free Numbers & Call Me)
    • Call Me enabled by the account admin (if a multi-user account)
    • Call Me enabled by the meeting organizer (either as the default audio setting or individually for each meeting)
    • Desktop app v8.13.0, b7663 or later, GoToMeeting Web App (Google Chrome only)