Learn to to integrate GoToMeeting and Outlook  with the Outlook plugin. How to Use the GoToMeeting Outlook Plugin Welcome to a brief tutorial on how to use the GoToMeeting Outlook plugin. Wondering how to set up a GoToMeeting in Outlook? The GoToMeeting Outlook plugin allows you to schedule meetings directly from your Outlook calendar. You can then email invitations directly to your contacts. The Outlook plugin is compatible with Windows XP or newer. How to Install the GoToMeeting Outlook Plugin To install the GoToMeeting Outlook plugin, close Outlook and login to your GoToMeeting account from In the gray bar across the top, click “settings.” In the calendar integration section of the next page, click “download the Outlook plugin.” Open the downloaded file and click “run.” The GoToMeeting plugin should now be installed, and settings can be adjusted within the “add-ins” tab within Outlook. If you do not see the plugin installed, you may just need to restart Outlook.