Learn the simple steps on how to use the GoToMeeting control panel. At the top of the control panel, organizers will see tabs for audio, screen sharing, and webcam. Each tab has a dropdown to access its respective features. The audio tab allows users to test their sound and access the audio guide. The screen tab allows presenters to choose how to show their screen, change presenters, or share keyboard and mouse. The webcam tab lets organizers and attendees show their webcam. For organizers, the audience view window allows you to see what is being displayed on your attendees’ screens in real time. The attendees window lists participants in your session and allows organizers to mute them, make them presenter, and various other options. The chat window lets you edit or add a welcome message or chat with individuals or with the group as a whole. With the drawing tools, presenters can illustrate key items during their meetings. It includes a pointer tool, a pen, a highlighter, and a spotlight tool. Below the tools window, organizers can record their meetings by clicking a button. All recording preferences can be accessed by clicking the gear button to the right in order to open recording settings. All control panels can be dragged around to suit the presenter’s preference.

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Note: We have a new GoTo app! This video covers the classic GoTo Meeting experience. View In-session Quick Start for the new GoTo.