Watch this video to learn how to turn on and use HDFaces, how to customize your webcam settings, and learn a bit about HDFaces organizer controls. HDFaces requires both the webcam and the GoToMeeting software to be installed on the computer you’ll be using to join the meeting. A high-definition webcam is recommended in order to take advantage of the high-resolution streaming offered by HDFaces. Before the meeting, make sure that the webcam is properly connected to the computer and ready for use. Once the GoToMeeting session has begun, one-click activation of the webcam is accessible from a couple different places on the control panel: at the top, and within the attendee pane. It is also available from the minimized control panel. Make sure settings are optimized in the webcam panel. Click on the webcams drop-down and select preferences. The preferences menu shows the webcam that is being used by HDFaces, and the display format. The advanced tab allows the streaming video to be fine-tuned. The webcam viewer window can be maximized, minimized, and expanded. Webcam streaming can be stopped with the click of any of the webcam buttons in the control panel. In addition, organizers may turn off an attendee’s webcam and they can request that an attendee turn on their webcam if it is not on already. Up to 25 webcams can be streamed at once!