Each GoTo Meeting user has the option to modify their settings. They can create the default rule for audio settings, create an organizer PIN, decide if they want attendees to share their screen without having to ask permission first, determine what content to share, and set up security options for that content download ChromaCam.

You may have additional settings available to you depending on what products are available with your plan. This video will only discuss the GoTo Meeting settings.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Navigating to the GoTo settings
0:58 Audio settings
1:19 Use built-in audio
1:26 Phone call option
1:42 Call Me option
1:55 Use my own conference call service
2:06 Organizer PIN
2:19 Give attendees full access to screen sharing
2:33 Content sharing & security
2:37 Save recordings on my computer
2:45 Save recordings online in the cloud
3:00 Who can access your meeting content?
3:16 ChromaCam
3:38 End credits