Start meetings in Salesforce

With a button click you can start a scheduled meeting, or an ad hoc GoToMeeting Now, from within Salesforce.

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Start a GoToMeeting Now

If you want to start a meeting immediately - you're on the phone, texting, or emailing, and you want to invite others, or you want to formally add the meeting record to the Salesforce contact history - you can click GoToMeeting Now. This launches a session with a URL other attendees can use to join. Because it is launched immediately, the meeting does not require start or end dates or times.

The meeting event is automatically created like a scheduled meeting in Salesforce. This allows you to add invitees and to send additional invites at once.

1. In Salesforce, open one of the following tabs: Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities.

2. Click the name to view the respective Event Detail page.

3. Click GoToMeeting Now in either of two locations (shown).

4. The meeting launches immediately.

5. To change the meeting subject, add invitees, notes, etc., go to the Event Detail page and update the content. Click Save & Send Invite to complete the process.


Start a scheduled meeting in Salesforce

Only the Salesforce user and GoToMeeting organizer who has created a scheduled GoToMeeting can directly start a meeting from the Event Detail page without leaving Salesforce.

1. In Salesforce, open one of the following tabs: Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities.

2. Locate the scheduled event in the Open Activities section and click the name of the event. The Event Detail page displays.

3. Click Start Meeting.

4. Your GoToMeeting session starts and is ready for attendees to join.

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