Share a Whiteboard from GoToRoom with Dolby Voice

You can broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time using GoToRoom with Dolby Voice! This allows you to collaborate as if attendees were standing right in front of the whiteboard.


Configure the whiteboard

You can configure the whiteboard before the session or during the session. Once configured, the system will remember the whiteboard placement for future sessions. You can reconfigure the whiteboard at any time.

  1. Enter the conference room and tap the Settings icon on the Dolby Conference Phone.
  2. Tap Advanced Dolby Settings.
  3. Tap Dolby Voice Camera then Configure whiteboard.
  4. Look at the display and drag and align the corners of the box to the corners of your whiteboard. Once you are satisfied that the box represents that area that you want to share with attendees, tap the Check icon.
  5. To save the configuration, tap Save. To make a change, tap Change.

Share whiteboard during a meeting

  1. Enter the conference room and start or join a meeting.
  2. Once in session, tap Camera Mode on the Dolby Conference Phone and Whiteboard.
  3. The configured whiteboard will display. If prompted to, configure the whiteboard.


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