Set user permissions for GoToMeeting for Salesforce

Salesforce account users must be given permission to access GoToMeeting for Salesforce. Admins can set permissions during the install at the user profile level, or as described in this article for individual users at any time after installation.

Set individual user permissions after installation

A specific set of permissions called GTM Permission, required to use GoToMeeting for Salesforce, is installed with the application package. As an admin, you can assign these permission to your users.

1. Search for "Permission sets" in the Salesforce search box. Select GTM Permission from the list.

2. In the GTM Permission page, click on Manage Assignments.

3. Click Add Assignments at the top of the page.

4. Select the users you want to give permissions to and click Assign.

5. Users are successfully added in the permission set.