Organizer Quick Start

Follow along and you’ll be up and running in no time! Also see Explore First-Time User Resources.

Install GoToMeeting

Once installed, you can start and schedule meetings with just a couple clicks. You can install GoToMeeting on your Windows or Mac computer, as well as your iOS, Android or Windows devices.

The GoToMeeting desktop application is used to host meetings. Download GoToMeeting

Start an instant " Meet Now" session

GoToMeeting is ready whenever you are! You can start an unscheduled meeting any time you want using the desktop app, web account or mobile apps – no notice needed. These instant meetings are also known as "Meet Now" sessions. Learn more. Start a Meeting Instantly

Start a scheduled Meeting

You can also schedule meetings ahead of time using the desktop software, web account or our mobile apps.

Explore GoTomeeting features and tools

GoToMeeting is chock-full of cool communication features. Use the links below to learn more!