Lock Your Meeting (Former)

The Meeting Lock feature allows you to prevent unexpected attendees from joining your current session! If you have back to back meetings, you no longer have to worry about being disrupted by additional attendees if the session goes over the scheduled time. This also comes in handy if you run your personal meeting room (GoToMeet.Me link) frequently.

Lock and unlock from the desktop app and Web App

You can lock and unlock your meeting as many times as you want in a running session.

  1. Click the Lock icon at the bottom of your Control Panel. If you hover over the text, you'll see a "Lock this meeting" tooltip.
  2. The Lock icon will close and you'll see a "This meeting is locked" message.
  3. You'll be notified when an attendee attempts to join your locked session.
  4. To unlock and connect all waiting attendees to the meeting, click the Lock icon again. The Lock icon will switch to an open lock.

Attendee View

When attendees join your meeting after it has been locked, they will be placed in a "Waiting room". This includes attendees joining from the desktop app, Web App, mobile apps, room devices, and even those calling in. Once the meeting is unlocked, all attendees in the "Waiting room" will automatically be connected to the meeting.