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How do I switch audio modes from the iOS app?

    You can switch audio modes from the GoTo Meeting iOS app at any point during a meeting. This can be useful if you are having issues with your current audio method.

    If you do not see either the Computer audio or Phone call options, it's possible that the organizer disabled the option for this session. If the organizer used custom audio information, you will see specific instructions from the organizer.
    Note: We have a new GoTo mobile app! This article covers the classic GoTo Meeting mobile experience. click here for help.
    1. Tap the More icon in the lower toolbar and Audio Settings.
    2. Select the audio mode you want to use:
      • Connect to the Internet Call – Use your device's mic and speakers.
      • Call Me on the Phone – Have GoTo Meeting call your phone.
      • Connect to the Phone Call – Allow the app to dial you in using your telephone's cellular service.
      • Disconnect from Audio – You won't be able to hear or talk to other participants.