How do I prevent unknown or uninvited attendees in my meeting?

We built GoToMeeting with security in mind! If you are experiencing unknown or uninvited attendees in your meeting, take the following actions to further secure your meetings.

  • Password-protect your meetings – As an organizer, you can choose to password-protect your meetings. Once password-protected, your attendees will need to enter a secret password of your choosing to join the meeting. Note that only local recording is available for password-protected meetings.
  • Lock your meetings – As an organizer, you can lock your meeting to prevent unexpected attendees from joining your current session.
  • Dismiss attendees – You can remove an attendee from a session by dismissing them. They will then automatically leave the session and be notified that they were excused.
  • Enter audio PIN – Ask your attendees joining via telephone to enter the audio PIN for identification purposes and use of keypad commands. Participants who don't enter the audio PIN will be listed as an "unidentified caller".
  • Check security tool configuration – Third-party email protection providers may scan and potentially join the meeting if you have not configured the tools used by your organization to whitelist GoToMeeting domains. While we work with providers to prevent this on a global level, you can further secure your meeting by manually configuring this within most security tools.
  • Use a new meeting ID – If there are repeated unexpected attendees in your recurring meeting, schedule a new meeting to generate a new meeting ID.