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How do I join a meeting using Siri?

    You can create a Siri shortcut in the GoTo Meeting app and join your next meeting by asking Siri. This shortcut will search your device calendar for meetings starting in the next 24 hours and launch the next upcoming session.

    1. Open the GoTo Meeting iOS app.
    2. If you haven't done so, connect and sync your calendar.
    3. Scroll down your upcoming meetings and tap Add to Siri.
    4. Tap the Record button to record your personalized phrase you will say to Siri (e.g., "Join my next GoTo Meeting"). If prompted, tap Enable Siri.
    5. Tap Done. You can always change and re-record the phrase at a later time.
    6. The next time you say this phrase to Siri, you will be launched into the next meeting in your calendar!