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GoTo Meeting Messenger App for Mobile Devices

    Are you on the go? Don't let the conversations stop! The GoTo Meeting Messenger app allows you to continue chatting 1:1 or in group messages, set notifications, change user privacy, and more. You may have been using the browser app from your mobile device to access your chats but now you can download the Messenger app for iOS and Android!


    Chat 1:1 or in groups

    All messages in the desktop Messenger app and browser app will sync to your account and appear on the device's Conversations or Contacts and Groups screen.

    1. Tap a name (in the Conversations or Contacts tab) or group message (in the Groups tab) to continue chatting!

    2. To start a new chat with an internal user (someone from within the company organization), click the Plus icon and begin typing in their name. A new chat will open. Note that this is for iOS devices only.

    3. Once in a chat, you can mention someone by typing in "@" and the name. This will send them a notification to check the chat. devices only.


    Invite external contacts

    1. Tap Conversations (iOS) or Contacts (Android) in the toolbar.
    2. Tap the Plus icon.
    3. Enter the external user's email address and tap Invite.
    4. You can begin sending messages but they will not receive it until they join GoTo Meeting Messenger.


    Join or create private or public groups

    Group messages in the desktop Messenger app and browser app will sync to your account and appear in the Groups screen.

    1. Tap Groups and then the Plus icon .
    2. To join an existing group, search for it in the Search bar.
    3. To create a new group, tap Create.
    4. Enter a group name and use the toggle to select your group type (public or private).
    5. Tap Create.
    6. Invite members or tap Skip to be taken to your new group chat.


    Start and join a meeting with the GoTo Meeting app

    You will need the GoTo Meeting app downloaded to start and join meetings from the GoTo Meeting Messenger app. If you do not have the GoTo Meeting app downloaded, you will be prompted to download the app from the app store.

    1. Make sure you have the GoTo Meeting app downloaded.
    2. To start a meeting, tap the Webcam icon in the top toolbar and Meet Now. This will launch your meeting room.
    3. To join a meeting, tap Join Meeting. This will launch the other organizer's meeting room.


    Change your settings

    Adjust the app settings to your preference! If you're on an iOS device, tap the Settings icon to view the Settings screen. If you're on an Android device, tap the More icon to launch the sidebar Settings menu.

    • Profile: Change your displayed name and email (iOS app only)
    • Chat status: Set your chat presence status to Available, Hard at work, or Away.
    • About: View the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Copyright of Messenger
    • Feedback: Rate GoTo Meeting Messenger and give feedback
    • Support: Visit the Messenger FAQ page for more help (iOS app only)