Give Keyboard and Mouse Control (Former)

When you are Presenter, you can grant other attendees shared control of your keyboard and mouse. This allows them to move the mouse about your shared screen and use their own keyboard to type on it, which can aid in collaboration. Of course, your mouse always has priority. You can always override another attendees' mouse movements to temporarily regain control without removing their access.

Note: This feature is available to Presenters only.

Downloading the desktop app is available on paid plans only. Learn more.

Share keyboard and mouse control with others

Note: Attendees who joined via Web App must switch to the desktop app and then be made the presenter to share keyboard and mouse control. Mobile attendees cannot use this feature.
  1. Share keyboard and mouse control in either of the following ways:
    • On the Screen tab (in the Options pane), use the "Share keyboard & mouse with" drop-down menu to select "Everyone" or an individual.
    • In the Attendees pane, right-click the name of the desired attendee and select Give Keyboard and Mouse.


  2. All attendees with keyboard and mouse control will have a Check icon next to their name in both drop-down menus shown above. Attendees will see a notification that they have been given access to the presenter's keyboard and mouse.

Temporarily take control of your keyboard and mouse

  1. Simply type or move your mouse to re-gain control temporarily. The other person can continue to control your keyboard and mouse, but you will override their movements.
  2. Instruct the person with keyboard and mouse control to resume controlling your screen when you're finished.

Remove keyboard and mouse control from others

You can remove keyboard and mouse control in the same way that it was granted (e.g., selected from one of the drop-down menus). Once attendees have control removed, the Check icon will disappear.


Why won't keyboard and mouse control work for certain apps?

You might notice that your attendees are unable to use your keyboard and mouse within certain specific apps. This is due to a conflict with the Windows Integrity Mechanism and likely indicates that the app is running at a higher integrity level than the GoToMeeting desktop app. For example, if an app on your computer is running as admin (which uses a high integrity level), then other attendees will be unable to use your keyboard and mouse within it because the GoToMeeting desktop app runs at a medium security level.

If you know that you want your attendees to be able to access an app that runs at a higher integrity level, you must launch GoToMeeting as an admin when you start your session (by right-clicking the app and selecting Run as admin).