Edit Settings from GoToMeeting v9

You can use the Settings tab to update your notifications, meeting, and calendar sync settings.

Thank you for participating in GoToMeeting v9. We'll be discontinuing the GoToMeeting v9 desktop app in September as we move to the New GoToMeeting experience. We encourage you to use the new Hub, an all-in-one collaboration tool that allows you to chat, schedule, and start meetings. We are committed to continue providing new features that will support you in getting the most value both before and during sessions. Thank you for helping us build a better way for people to communicate with each other.

Topics in this article:

Edit notifications settings

Edit meeting settings

Edit calendar sync settings


Edit notifications settings

Choose how you'd like to be notified of new chat messages.


Edit meeting settings

Set your default audio connection settings, mute attendees upon joining, give attendees screensharing capabilities, transcribe recorded meetings, and upload logos. Learn more about configuring default settings.

Some settings may not be available within the app. Log in at to access the full Settings page.


Edit calendar sync settings

Download the GoToMeeting Outlook plugin or the Google Calendar plugin to schedule and manage GoToMeeting sessions directly from your calendar.


GoToMeeting v9 Overview

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