How do I connect to audio on the Web App?

The audio options that are available to you will vary depending on what options the organizer set for the session (for example, they may have disabled some methods or even provided their own conference call information).

Connect to session audio

  1. The first time you join a session, you will be prompted to select which audio mode you want to use to connect. You can always switch audio modes during the session if needed).
    • Use computer audio – Connect using your computer's mic and speakers (VoIP). You will then be able to select which microphone you want to use and play a sound to test your speakers.
      Note: Computer audio is only available if you're on Google Chrome.
    • Call in using my phone – Dial in to the meeting by selecting your desired country and calling the phone number. You can then follow the prompts and enter additional information.
    • Call me – Have GoToMeeting call you. You can enter your phone number and expect a call from GoToMeeting. Just answer the phone and follow the prompts given by the operator.
    • Audio toggle – Join the meeting with your audio turned off.
    Select Audio in Web App
  2. Click Join when meeting starts (attendee) or Start my meeting (organizer) when finished. The browser will remember your selection for future sessions.
  3. If you chose to connect using computer audio (VoIP), you will be prompted to grant the browser permission to access your microphone. Click Allow to continue.
  4. You are connected to the session! Switch audio modes at any time during the session, provided that the organizer has allowed other audio modes.

Switch audio modes during a session (computer vs. phone)

Only attendees running Google Chrome can use computer audio (VoIP). Attendees using any other web browser will need to dial in to the audio conference via phone.

  1. Click the Settings icon in the toolbar.
  2. Click the desired audio mode.
    • Computer audio – Click the desired microphone and speakers.
    • Phone call – Enter your country and phone number to have GoToMeeting call you, or dial in yourself.
    • No audio – You won't be able to hear or talk to other participants.

Web App Switch Audio Modes


Mute and unmute yourself

Your audio is currently connecting via Computer mode (mic and speakers).
You are unmuted (and connected via Computer mode).
You are muted (and connected via Computer mode).
You are currently set to Phone mode, but you have not yet entered your Audio PIN.
You are unmuted (and connected via Phone mode).
You are muted (and connected via Phone mode).

Report audio issues

Help us improve our audio! If you are experiencing issues with your VoIP audio connection during a session, you can use GoToMeeting to record a sample of audio and send it to the GoToMeeting development team. Doing so can help us collect more thorough data and better diagnose commonly encountered audio issues.

Note: Please note that this feature is meant to provide feedback to the GoToMeeting team. It is not intended as a forum for you to request assistance. Instead, you can use the GoToMeeting Community for troubleshooting, or contact Customer Care by scrolling to the bottom of this article and selecting an available contact option if you need immediate assistance or wish to speak with a representative.

  1. Click the Settings icon in the top toolbar.
  2. In the Audio tab, scroll to the bottom and click Report audio issues.