Can I host two sessions simultaneously?

Although it is possible for an organizer to schedule more than 1 meeting for the same date and time, only 1 meeting can actually be run at a time. If you need to host multiple meetings that overlap in date and time, then you should add an additional organizer seat to your account, schedule the second meeting from that account and then host it from a separate computer or mobile device.

If your account also includes GoToWebinar or GoToTraining, note that it is possible for you to host a meeting, a webinar and a training at the same time (as long as each session is run from a different computer or mobile device).

If you attempt to run more than 1 meeting at a time, you will see a "Another Session Running" notification with an option to end the other session and begin yours. To continue, click End Other Session.

The organizer running the other session will receive a "The meeting has ended" notification.